cookie cat left his family behind

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Natural dark by by Lindsey Carr

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Robert Pejman

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Mr. Hipp.

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urhajos:Stella Im Hultberg

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I’m going to be perfectly honest and I never talk about Dr. Who because I can’t actually sit still and watch any of it, but THIS. Would…really encourage me to watch it. Leave the Daleks and WTFeries, the humans are now all cats. In ties and scarves and little suits. 

At that point point, yes, I will geek out over Sonic Screwdrivers and Phone Booths and stuff.

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noprintsleftbehind:Corey Godbey

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for-redheads:edsafinn.blogspot.comBeatriz Martin Vidal

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for-redheads:Javier Gonzalez Pacheco

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